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Power Steering Pumps

Vickers Power Steering Pumps are highly efficient, compact, and easy-to-mount combinations of hydraulically balanced vane type pump, tank, and flow control and relief valves.

Direction of rotation, displacement, pressure and mounting can be altered to meet specific applications, allowing idling speeds of 350 RPM and maximum operating speeds up to 7,000 RPM. Optional shafts for couplings and pulleys, manifolds for remote reservoir installations and pump-mounted reservoirs up to 140 CI capacity are available.

Designed for a variety of medium-duty mobile applications including agricultural equipment, construction, forestry, material handling, and truck installations.

Power Steering Pump Product Models

  • VT1 Series
  • VT10 Series
  • VT11 Series
  • VT12 Series
  • VT14 Series
  • VT16 Series
  • VT17 Series
  • VT18 Series
  • VT2 Series
  • VT23 Series
  • VT24 Series
  • VT26 Series
  • VT27 Series
  • VT3 Series
  • VT35 Series
  • VT4 Series
  • VT6 Series
  • VT73B Series
  • VT8 Series
  • VTM27 Series
  • VTM28 Series
  • VTM40 Series
  • VTM41 Series
  • VTM42 Series