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Municipal governments, state and federal agencies, military branches, and non-governmental organizations all utilize heavy equipment that makes extensive use of hydraulics.  Enviornmental cleanup, fire and rescue response, snow and ice removal, land management, and defense heavy equipment utilize hydraulic components for their strength, safety and durability.  ProActive Fluid Power has the industry expertise needed to keep your hydraulic equipment working at maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Environmental Cleanup

The largest environmental remediation and cleanup equipment – such as oil skimmers used to treat lakes, ponds, rivers and coastal areas in the event of an oil spill – utilize hydraulic drives for long-term power and durability in adverse conditions.

Fire & Rescue

Hydraulics are vital to the tools of public safety first responders in tools such as spreaders and shears – often called the “jaws of life” – as well as in fire rescue equipment such as hydraulic jacks and in the hydraulic cylinders which allow fire truck ladders to safely reach 3-6 times their compressed length.

Military & Government

Defense aircraft feature hydraulic systems – landing gear, brakes, weapons, flight controls – throughout as do military ground vehicles in suspensions and actuators.  The federal government operates a large fleet of commercial vehicles that also make heavy use of hydraulic systems.

Snow & Ice

Hydraulic systems are used throughout the commercial snow and ice removal equipment used by municipalities and contractors in their central hydraulic systems, snowplow controls, snow wings, discharge chutes, salt spreaders, scrapers, hopper conveyors, and de-icing equipment.