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Denison is a leading hydraulics manufacturer providing highly engineered fluid power products designed to provide solutions for a wide range of applications. Denison’s hydraulic equipment has gained worldwide recognition for experience, acceptance and dependability. They are commonly recognized by their distinct light blue colored products. Denison Hydraulics is well-known for their large hydraulic piston pumps offered under their Gold Cup, World Cup and Premier Series brands. Vane pumps from Denison are some of the strongest products in the industry. Their unique double-lip vane tip design sets them apart in both quality and performance by reducing noise to levels competitive designs aspire to achieve.

Whether you need a long-lasting workhorse for low- and mid-pressure applications, or a high
performance pump or motor that delivers contamination resistance, high pressure capabilities, low
noise, or precise flow repeatability, Denison Hydraulics has an extensive range of products needed to
achieve your goals.

ProActive Fluid Power supports the full range of Denison hydraulic products including current and discontinued models dating back to the 1960’s.  Stocking inventory includes factory new, reconditioned and aftermarket complete units and repair components.

In addition to the extensive line of Denison hydraulic solutions, we support the modified “M Code” products designed by Denison for the following original equipment manufacturers.


AAI Corporation
ABEX Canada
ABEX Germany
ABEX Holland
ABEX Italy
ABEX Japan
ABEX Sweden
ACL Filco
Aduani Engineering
Aeronautica Macchi
Airco Cryogenics
Allied Steel & Tractor
Alpha Press Company
American Hoist
AMFAC Company
APS Systems
Bantam & Insley Manufacturing
Bath Irion Works
Braden Winch Company
Bucyrus Erie
Canhmar Inbdustries
Canron Tamper
Chicago Pneumatic
Cincinnati Milacron
Clark Equipment
Coastal Plains
CMI Corporation
Cooper Industries
D&O Products
Danuser Machine
Dresser Ind
E.W Bliss
Eastern Hydraulics
Eckel Manufacturing
E.D. Etnyre & Company
Erie Foundry
Ferrel Company
FMC Corporation
General Electric
Grove manufacturing
Hardee Manifacturing
Harris Press and Shear
Hein Werner
Hi Ranger
Hilden – Germany
Hyde Products
I.R. Garland
Ingersoll Rand
International Harvester
Interocaean Management Corporation
Jacksonville Shipyards
Jarvis Clarke
Jered Industries
John Deere
Joy Manufacturing
K&K Truck
Kaiser Steel
Kershaw Manufacturing
KMW, Inc.
Koehring Farm Division
Lakeshore, Inc.
Lee Norse
Lewis H Hein Company
Litton Res.
Lumus Industries
Mahoning Valley
Marine Construction & Design
Mat Industries
Mechanical Excavators
MP Holland Company
MTS Systems
Northwest Engineering
Paccar, Inc.
Package Machinery Company
Press Engineering
Reed Tool Company
Reedrill, Inc.
Reliance Electric
Rexnord, Inc.
Rice Barton
Schatdavit Corporation
Sharp Controls
Shrider Fluid Power
Simon Engineering
Solar Turbines International
Steiger Tractor
Subterranean Tool Incorporated
Sunshine Florida Power
TBW Smatco
UMC Electronics
Uni System
US Coast Guard
US Navy
USM Corporation
USN Corporation
Wayne Engineering
Weatherford Lamb
Western Gear

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ProActive Fluid Power stocks and offers a comprehensive line of original and aftermarket Denison products. Contact us today for sales support or to arrange for a repair.

Denison Products Include:

  • Vane Pumps
  • Axial Piston Pumps – Variable/Fixed Displacement
  • Hydrostatic Drives and Hydraulic Motors
  • Directional Control Valves
  • Electrohydraulic Control Valves
  • Electronic Control Cards
  • Flow Control Valves
  • Pressure Control Valves

Vane Motors – Model Code Examples

024-51047-0 M3B 036 1N00 B100
014-83330-0 M1C 042 1N00 A102
014-45085-0 M4C 024 1N00 A101
024-03210-0 M4D 113 1N00 B102
024-45502-0 M4DC 088 043 3N00 B102
014-42359-5 M4E1 185 3N00 B502
024-26800-5 M4SD 138 3N00 B502
054-48455-5/02 M4SDC 088 075 3N02 B502
014-42378-5 M4SE1 214 1N00 B501
054-34167-0/02 M5B 036 4N02 B1M 00000
014-01056-0/01 TMB 004 21R 1
014-93787-0 M3B1 027 1N00 B101
014-97420-0 M1C1 042 1N00 A102
014-41887-0 M4C1 043 1N02 A102
024-03218-0 M4D1 074 1N00 B102
014-42342-5 M4E 214 1N00 B501
014-41989-5 M4SC 043 3N01 A501
024-68835-5 M4SD1 062 3N00 B501
014-42371-5 M4SE 185 3N00 B502
054-45661-0 M5AF 016 1N00 B1W 00000
014-06885-0 M1D 062 21N
014-01084-0/01 TMC 012 21R 1

Piston Motors – Model Code Examples

015-13509-0 M1F07 064 51N
013-44506-0 M6H 1N1C 2A0 A 00
023-09462-0 M6F 2N1D 1
023-03295-0 M6G 2N1D 00
013-45740-0 M11G 1N1A 00
013-44186-0 M14G 1N1A 00
023-08351-0 M8F 2N1D 0
023-06771-0 M30G 2N1A 00
013-70185-0 M6H 1N1A 2A0 A M2 03442
013-41357-0 M7H 1N1A 2A0 A 00
023-08625-0 M7F 3N1D 2
023-03293-0 M7G 3N1D 02
013-45743-0 M11F 1N1A 0
013-44189-0 M14F 1N1A 0
023-06773-0 M24G 2N1D 00
023-99845-0 M30F 8N1A 10