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Char-Lynn® is known as a global leader for orbit type Geroler and Gerotor hydraulic motors.  These units are economical, compact, extremely durable, self-contained and built for low speed, high torque and high pressure applications.

ProActive Fluid Power supports the full range of Char-Lynn hydraulic products.

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Geroler Motors

This design has added rolls on the lobes of the outer gear set ring that act as a bearing to reduce friction, increase efficiency and reduce wear.  Geroler Motors are known for high efficiency, smooth operation and minimal wear within low viscosity and low RPM systems.  Geroler motors require a minimum of 70 SUS fluid viscosity.

Gerotor Motors

Gerotor Motors are recognized for longevity and reduced wear within rapid reversal and frequent off-then-on situations.  They are also commonly found in higher RPM applications.  Gerotor motors require a minimum of 100 SUS fluid viscosity.

Geroler and Gerotor style motors consist of three primary classifications based on the type of valving used to distribute fluid through the gear set: Spool Valve, Disc Valve and Valve in Star (VIS).  Advancing from one classification to the next improves motor performance.

Spool Valve (Gerotor & Geroler) – 2,400 PSI Max.  

Utilizes a spool valve to precisely time and control flow through the gear set.  These valves are used on single speed motors only and are available as a standard (mounting flange near output shaft).

Disc Valve (Geroler) – 3,000 PSI Max.  

Utilizes a disc valve to precisely time and control flow through the gear set.  Optional 2 speed motors available in certain series.  Available as a standard (mounting flange near output shaft), wheel (mounting flange near middle of motor) or bearingless motor (without shaft or bearings).

Valve in Star (Geroler) – 5,500 PSI Max.

These represent the latest generation of low speed, high torque motors.  Valve in Star technology utilizes a valve plate and geroler to precisely time and control flow through the gear set.  This design is compact, highly efficient, offers higher pressure capabilities, and is intended for closed loop circuit applications.  They are available as a standard (mounting flange near output shaft), wheel (mounting flange near middle of motor) or bearingless motor (without shaft or bearings).

Numerous displacements are available in each classification that provides a wide spectrum of speed and torque ranges which can be easily customized to suit a wide variety of application requirements.

Series and Examples

Note: Additional models are available. Contact us for more details.

Delta Series(184-0015, 184-0038, 184-0065)
H Series(101-1020, 101-1179, 101-1329)
J Series(129-0018, 129-0470, 129-0545)
S Series(103-1027, 103-1266, 103-1589)
T Series(158-1019, 185-2089, 185-2353)
W Series(162-1020, 162-1134, 162-1303)
2,000 Series(104-1026, 105-1001, 106-1037, 193-0017)
4,000 Series(109-1113, 110-1079, 111-1038)
4,000 Series (Compact)(167-0044, 169-0043, 170-0015)
6,000 Series(112-1063, 113-1093, 114-1086)
10,000 Series(119-1029, 120-1014, 121-1009)
VIS 40(168-0022, 176-0010, 177-0029, 178-0008, 180-0003, 182-0003)
VIS 45(155-0013, 156-0019, 157-0008, 173-0005, 174-0029, 183-0020)

Optional Features – (Only available in certain models)

2 Speed Motors – Two displacements (higher speed has lower torque)
ATEX – Certifies motor to be used in explosive environments
Case Port – Increase seal life, lubrication, flushing of motor and reduce case pressure
Environmental Protection – Epoxy coating for demanding applications
Free Running Option – Improved efficiency at high-speed/high-flow conditions
High Pressure Shaft Seal – Shaft seal that can withstand high case pressure spikes
Integral Cross Over Valving – Limits the differential pressure across the motor
Integrated Parking Brake – Spring applied hydraulic release brake
Internal Check Valves – Relieves the case pressure to the low pressure port
Low Speed Valving – For better efficiency and smooth running at low speeds
Mechanical Disc Brake – Bolt on caliper brake for wheel motor applications
Metric Shafts, Ports, & Mounts – EU specific threads
Nickel Plated Shaft / Body – Corrosive environments or food/sanitary applications
Reverse Rotation – Allows clockwise shaft rotation with B port pressurized
Seal Guard – Prevents physical damage to shaft seal from foreign debris
Shuttle Valve – Redirects oil for increased cooling in closed loop applications
Speed Sensors – To collect information from a motor and provide electric signal
Vented Two-Stage Seal – Extends shaft seal life
Viton Seals – For higher temperature or chemical resistance conditions

Char-Lynn Motors are commonly used in the following applications:

Aerial Platforms, Augers, Boom Lifts, Brush Cutters, Conveyors, Cranes, Fishing and Agricultural, Food Processing, Forestry Grapples, Harvesting Equipment, Industrial and Street Sweepers, Irrigation, Lawn Equipment, Machine Tools, Marine, Mining Machinery, Mowers, Plastic Injection Molding, Salt and Sand Spreaders, Skid Steer Attachments, Stump Grinders, Swing Motors, Track Cranes, Traction Drives, Turf Equipment, Winches and Wood Chippers.