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Industrial hydraulics have numerous applications in manufacturing, including plastics processing, parts handling, assembly automation, metal stamping, hydroforming aluminum and other metals, extruding, piercing applications, metal bending and other metal processing activities. ProActive Fluid Power is a leader in troubleshooting and repairing industrial hydraulic equipment at our state-of-the-art facility in Mt. Clemens, Michigan.

Injection Molding

Hydraulic injection molding machines must be regularly maintained to provide the optimal hydraulic flow and pressure for the resin to flow smoothly into the mold cavities.


ProActive Fluid Power can maintain and repair hydraulic equipment used in other areas of the plastics industry as well, including forklifts, material handling, and packaging equipment.


Maintaining and repairing the precision hydraulic components in metal stamping operations is critical to maintaining control over the stroke and speed of the press.

Steel Mills

ProActive Fluid Power experts can maintain and repair the hundreds of hydraulic components used in steel production, including coke oven doors, coke movement, blast furnaces, and hot strip mills.