Vickers® is one of the most experienced and respected names in the hydraulics industry, and supplies a full range of power and motion control components and systems, vane and piston pumps, valves, electro-hydraulic controls, cylinders and filtration products. These hydraulic components are found in industrial, mobile, aerospace, marine and defense applications worldwide.

ProActive Fluid Power supports the full range of Vickers hydraulic products including current, discontinued and OEM “S” code models dating back to the 1940’s.  Stocking inventory includes factory new, reconditioned and aftermarket complete units and repair parts.

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Hydraulic Adjustable Speed (HAS) Drives

Vickers hydraulic adjustable speed drives are cool running, quiet and highly efficient systems. Depending on duty cycles, energy usage reductions of up to 70% can be obtained, significantly reducing operating costs and minimizing energy waste. HAS options include cylinder, electric motor, manual lever, pneumatic, remote, electro-hydraulic servo and stem servo controls.

Designed for a variety of applications including Die Casting, Machine Tools, Metal Forming, Marine, Oil and Gas, Plastics, Press Machine, Pulp and Paper, Sewage and Wood Processing.

Hydrostatic Transmissions

Vickers Hydrostatic Transmissions are variable displacement axial piston pumps designed to provide simplified installations through smooth operating, highly efficient and powerful designs.

Convenient controls, integrated overload protection, auxiliary pump options and split system configurations are achieved through multiple pumps in a single assembly. Single units with gerotor-style replenishing pumps and tandem units with single and double vane style supercharge pumps are available.

Designed for a variety of medium-duty mobile applications that require high torque output at low driving speeds including construction, material handling, and forestry and agricultural equipment.

Transmission Product Models

Single Stage

  • T66W Series
  • TA6W Series
  • TB15 (Fixed) Series
  • TB15 (Variable) Series
  • TB6 Series

Single Stage w/ Integral Gerotor Pump

  • TA15 Series
  • TA19 Series
  • TA22 Series
  • TA25 Series
  • TA35 Series
  • TA45 Series
  • TA6 Series
  • TA6H Series

Single Stage w/ Auxiliary Pump

  • TA12V10 Series
  • TA15V10 Series
  • TA19G Series
  • TA19V10 Series
  • TA19V20 Series
  • TA6V10 Series

Single Stage w/ Dual Auxiliary Pump

  • TA15V2010 Series

Dual Stage

  • T1515 Series
  • T1515W Series
  • TA19V2010T66W Series
  • TA1212 Series
  • TA1515 Series
  • TA1919 Series
  • TA1919W Series

Dual Stage w/ Integral Auxiliary Pump

  • T1515Y Series

Dual Stage w/Integral Gerotor Pump

  • T66H Series
  • T66V Series
  • T66X Series
  • T66Y Series
  • T66Z Series

Dual Stage w/Auxiliary Pump

  • TA1515V10 Series
  • TA1515V20 Series
  • TA1919G Series
  • TA1919V10 Series
  • TA1919V20 Series

Dual Stage w/Dual Auxiliary Pump

  • TA1919V1010 Series

Hydrostatic Transmission – Model Code Examples

426103 TA15 1A 11
426108 TA15 2A 11
451690 TA1515V 45 1L5CBY 12
425871 TA15V10F 1L 5AC6G 11 534
451583 TA1919R 2BR 21 502
475492 TA1919V20R 2D0 10AC 21
432256 TA19R 2AR 21
883172 TA19V2010FR 2AR 07 04CCC2A 21
435962 TA35 11S1S 42J 11L 313
406816 TA45 1S1 C50H 11 303
481342 TA6 1B 10L
389333 TA6H 1B 10L
398525 T66X 2AS4 11 503
426116 TA15 1A 11L 530
451821 TA1515V 1 4040 L 7 CC12 567
436909 TA15V10 2L 2525 2 CC 11
679259 TA15V2010P 1B 8 CCB4E 12 568
500555 TA1919V10DL 17AR 07AC620 21 532
432257 TA19L 2AR 21
576799 TA19V10FL 2AR 04AC4E 21
451551 TA19V20R 2AR 07AB 21
386289 TA35 1S1 C50J 10 303
396866 TA45 1S1 S30H 11L 406
330839 TA6 2A 10
404924 TA6 50A 11 546
398549 T66Y 2A 7 11 L 535

Industrial Valves

Vickers industrial valves and systems are engineered to provide continuous reliable performance under the most rigorous and demanding operating conditions. Vickers industrial valves are at work all over the world delivering durable, reliable performance across the full spectrum of industrial applications.

Mobile Valves

Vickers mobile valves are designed to meet the special needs of equipment used in agriculture, construction, material handling, forestry, utilities, lawn and garden equipment and offer capabilities and configurations to meet the industry’s most demanding requirements.

Piston Motors

Vickers offers a complete line of bent axis and in-line piston motors which meet application needs ranging from the most demanding industrial environment to the smallest mobile machinery. Overall operating efficiency can be as high as 93% and volumetric efficiency as high as 97%, depending on motor size, pressure, speed, fluid viscosity, and temperature.

Piston Motor Product Models

Industrial Fixed Displacement

  • M2F Series
  • MF1-12 Series
  • MF1-120 Series
  • MF1-15 Series
  • MF1-150 Series
  • MF12 Series
  • MF120 Series
  • MF15 Series
  • MF15-1 Series
  • MF150 Series
  • MF190 Series
  • MF2 Series
  • MF2003 Series
  • MF2008 Series
  • MF2012 Series
  • MF2020 Series
  • MF203 Series
  • MF2032 Series
  • MF2050 Series
  • MF2080 Series
  • MF2125 Series
  • MF238 Series
  • MF30 Series
  • MF300 Series
  • MF377 Series
  • MF38 Series
  • MF48 Series
  • MF485 Series
  • MF61 Series
  • MF610 Series
  • MF76 Series
  • MF95 Series
  • MFA120 Series
  • MFA150 Series
  • MFA5 Series
  • MFA50 Series
  • MFB10 Series
  • MFB15 Series
  • MFB20 Series
  • MFB29 Series
  • MFB45 Series
  • MFB5 Series

Mobile Fixed Displacement

  • MFD120 Series
  • MFD35 Series
  • MFD45 Series
  • MFD80 Series
  • MFE15 Series
  • MFE19 Series
  • MMFB10 Series
  • MMFB15 Series
  • MMFB20 Series
  • MMFB29 Series
  • MMFB45 Series
  • MMFB5 Series
  • MMFB6 Series
  • TB15 Series
  • TB35 Series
  • TB45 Series
  • TB6 Series

Industrial Variable Volume

  • MVA120 Series
  • MVA150 Series
  • MVB5 Series
  • MVB10 Series
  • MVD80 Series

Mobile Variable Volume

  • MMVB5 Series
  • MMVB6 Series
  • MMVB10 Series
  • MMVB15 Series
  • MMVB20 Series
  • MMVB29 Series
  • MVE19 Series

Piston Motors – Model Code Examples

857582 MFB5 U 21
436343 M MFB15 UY 31
292747 MFB29 U 10
287767 M MFB45 UF10
576742 MFE19 9 30
857575 MVB5 FUDY 21 H 10
500998 MVE19 9 30 M9 10
311218 M MVB29 USG 10 CL 10 074
432095 MFB10 UY 31
426820 MFB20 U 10 S124
348010 MFB45 UF 10
500598 MFE15 9 30 030
578915 MFE19 9 30 030
436151 MVB10 UDY 31 M 10
292312 M MVB20 US 10 CL 10 032

Piston Pumps – Open Circuit

Vickers offers a wide range of open circuit piston pumps with the flexibility needed to drive a diverse array of fluid power systems. This design offers the greatest possible coverage for industrial, mobile and marine applications. It has enabled users to enjoy significant cost and weight savings while taking full advantage of the high efficiency generated from its simple design.

Power Steering Pumps

Vickers Power Steering Pumps are highly efficient, compact, and easy-to-mount combinations of hydraulically balanced vane type pump, tank, and flow control and relief valves.

Direction of rotation, displacement, pressure and mounting can be altered to meet specific applications, allowing idling speeds of 350 RPM and maximum operating speeds up to 7,000 RPM. Optional shafts for couplings and pulleys, manifolds for remote reservoir installations and pump-mounted reservoirs up to 140 CI capacity are available.

Designed for a variety of medium-duty mobile applications including agricultural equipment, construction, forestry, material handling, and truck installations.

Power Steering Pump Product Models

  • VT1 Series
  • VT10 Series
  • VT11 Series
  • VT12 Series
  • VT14 Series
  • VT16 Series
  • VT17 Series
  • VT18 Series
  • VT2 Series
  • VT23 Series
  • VT24 Series
  • VT26 Series
  • VT27 Series
  • VT3 Series
  • VT35 Series
  • VT4 Series
  • VT6 Series
  • VT73B Series
  • VT8 Series
  • VTM27 Series
  • VTM28 Series
  • VTM40 Series
  • VTM41 Series
  • VTM42 Series

Proportional Valves

Vickers proportional valves provide superior performance for a wide variety of applications. These valves are available with 7-pin connectors, on-board ramp adjustment, separately wired cardholders and preset integrated amplifiers that are housed in durable sealed enclosures.

In addition to improved reliability and machine performance, these proportional valves simplify system design by requiring only a power supply and voltage command signal.

They are available up to 5000 PSI and 106 US GPM.

Designed for a wide variety of applications including aerial work platforms, amusement park rides, combine controls, die casting, machine tool, marine, material handling, plastics, turbine control and wood processing.

Screw-in Cartridge Valves

Vickers is a global leader in the screw-in cartridge valve market. This product line combines the experience and technical leadership of Vickers into a single source to support mobile solutions.

Servo Valves

Vickers two-stage, four-way, flapper nozzle servo valves provide closed loop control with exact positional accuracy, repeatable velocity, and predictable force and torque regulation. Typical applications include plastic injection molding and blow molding systems, test and simulation equipment, die casting machines, hydraulic press brakes, animation and entertainment equipment, oil exploration vehicles, and lumber machinery.

Vane Motors

Vickers vane motors offer compact, economical high power solutions to the needs of industrial and mobile applications. These powerful, affordable vane motors offer variable horsepower and constant torque. They are available in a wide range of displacements and may be operated in either direction of rotation, reversed or stalled under load conditions without damage.

Vane Motor Product Models

  • 25M Series
  • 26M Series
  • 35M Series
  • 36M Series
  • 45M Series
  • 46M Series
  • 50M Series
  • 51M Series
  • M2-200 Series
  • M2-300 Series
  • M2-400 Series
  • M2-500 Series
  • M2U Series
  • MHT32 Series
  • MHT45 Series
  • MHT50 Series
  • MHT70 Series
  • MHT72 Series
  • MHT90 Series
  • MHT110 Series
  • MHT130 Series
  • MHT150 Series
  • MHT190 Series
  • MHT220 Series
  • MHT250 Series
  • MHT380 Series
  • MHT410 Series
  • MHT440 Series
  • MHT460 Series
  • MHT470 Series
  • MHT500 Series
  • MHT750 Series
  • MHT1000 Series

Vane Motors – Model Code Examples

288841-3 M2U 1S18S 1C10
361166-2 25M42A 1B20
309418-4 45M155A 1D20
401135 MHT 110 N1 30
359518 MHT 32 N1 12
351842 MHT 70 R1 12
424935 MHT 190 95 95 N1 30 S20
399961 MHT 250 125 125 R1 30
401952 MHT 440 N1 30
389439 MHT 750 375 375 R1 30
168469-3 M2 210 25 1C13
312064-3 35M95A 1C20
322446-3 50M220A 1C20 114
589917 MHT 130 75 55 N1 30 S27
410327 MHT 50 N1 30 S13
410340 MHT 150 75 75 N1 30 S13
399959 MHT 220 125 95 N1 30
426394 MHT 380 190 190 R1 30 S20
589047 MHT 500 250 250 R1 30 S27
401132 MHT 1000 N1 30

Vane Pumps

Vickers fixed displacement vane pumps combine high efficiency with low noise characteristics making them an excellent choice for a broad range of mobile and industrial applications. To meet the ever-increasing demands for fast positive action, longer service life and economical operation, Vickers offers a large selection of top-quality, precision-built pumps that are backed by over seven decades of experience with every type of hydraulic equipment. Vickers vane pumps are available in continuous pressure ranges up to 4,500 PSI and outlet flows exceeding 115 GPM, as well as single, double, triple and thru-drive configurations.

Vickers Vane Pumps are commonly used in the following applications:

Aerial Platforms, Augers, Boom Lifts, Brush CuttersConstruction, ConveyorsCranes, Dump Trucks, Fishing and Agricultural, Food & Beverage, ForestryGovernment, Harvesting Equipment, Healthcare, Industrial and Street Sweepers, Irrigation, Lawn Equipment, Machine Building, Machine Tools, MarineMaterial Handling, Metal Cutting, Military, Mining MachineryOil & Gas, Plastic Injection Molding, Power Take Offs, Rail, Refuse Vehicles, Transit Mixers, Turf Equipment, Utility, Wheel Loaders, Winches and Wood Chippers.