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Hydraulic equipment plays an increasingly important role in the energy industry, in both traditional energy production from fossil fuels as well as the production of clean energy from wind and solar applications.  Hydraulics are used in energy exploration, production, refinery operations, and power transmission due to high reliability and ability to provide 24/7 operation under sometimes challenging environmental conditions.  Let ProActive Fluid Power help keep your hydraulic equipment well-maintained and working at peak efficiency.

Oil & Gas

Hydraulic systems are widely used throughout the oil and gas industry for production and transmission, including applications such as lift pumps, well operations, hydraulic fracturing, offshore platforms, and a wide variety of transmission pumps.

Power Generation

Power plants such as coal, nuclear, natural gas and hydroelectric facilities use hydraulic systems extensively in the generation of energy, including fuel transmission, gas and steam turbines, control systems, and cooling water systems.

Solar Energy

Rugged hydraulic motion control systems are key to efficiently harnessing the sun’s energy in solar power plants, by precisely angling mirrors, parabolic concentrators, and solar panels for maximum energy production in all weather conditions.

Wind Power

Each blade in a wind turbine can weigh 2-3 tons, and advanced hydraulic systems are used on wind farms to keep the blades of these turbines precisely angled to maximize energy production.