We repair the following brands of hydraulics and support current as well as obsolete products dating back to 1940. All repairs are bench tested and include a free failure analysis, startup procedure and matching factory new warranty.

Hydraulic Adjustable Speed Drives

  • Manual Lever, Pneumatic, Remote, Electro-Hydraulic Servo and Stem Servo Control

Hydraulic Pumps

  • Vane, Piston, Mobile, Industrial, Closed and Open Loop, Fixed and Variable Volume

Hydraulic Motors

  • Vane, Piston, Mobile, Industrial, Closed and Open Loop, Fixed and Variable Volume

Hydraulic Valves

  • Check, Directional, Flow Control, Pressure Control, Proportional and Servo

Hydrostatic Transmissions

  • Single and Tandem Stage, Integral Gerotor, Single and Dual Auxiliary Pumps

Power Steering Pumps

  • Tank, Manifold, Relief and Controlled Flow Types

Repair vs. Factory New

Extensive cost savings, minimal downtime, model code identification, failure analysis, component upgrades, custom modifications, OEM matching paint colors, unmatched technical support and extensive workmanship warranty are all very important reasons to have your existing hydraulics repaired.  But most importantly, you are maintaining the original unit that what was engineered and selected specifically for your equipment and application.

Expensive and Long Lead Times

When ordering factory new, it is typical to experience product design changes, unreasonably long lead times, quantity requirements, advance payments and no return policies.  In addition, suggested lead times are frequently extended.

Obsolete without Direct Replacement

Every year the factories release new products and obsolete others.  If downtime is acceptable, a new replacement may require a change of oil type, reservoirs, filters, fittings, hoses, electric motors, couplings, mounting brackets and valves.  Location and size constraints can also become a huge burden, as well as hourly technician fees required during the design and installation of the newly specified products.

Why ProActive Fluid Power?

We have over two decades of experience specializing in the same hydraulic brands. This dedication has allowed us to establish an extensive knowledge base of the specific products we support.  Since we have repaired the same products thousands of times, we know exactly what to look for and how to repair it correctly the very first time.

Quick Turnaround

Hydraulic repairs are often completed and available for rush delivery within one to two days.


We start by taking pictures and verifying model codes.  Individual components are dimensionally compared to factory new tolerances.  During this process, the cause of failure is identified and a detailed report is drafted.

Failure Analysis

A detailed failure analysis is performed when hydraulic assemblies are inspected for repair.  This information can then be utilized to prevent the newly repaired products from premature failure.

Model Code Identification

Our technical support department can identify and recreate model codes when products were altered or have misplaced labels.

Existing Product Settings

Hydraulic repairs are thoroughly tested to existing, customer supplied or factory original settings.

Modifications Added During Repair

Displacement, rotation, voltage, spool configurations, high temp or high pressure seals, shaft type, heavy duty or high RPM bearings, port types and port positions are all possibilities.

Paint Colors

OEM paint colors are available to match industrial and mobile applications.

Identification Labels

New assembly number and model code identification labels are supplied with all repairs.  If requested, custom labels created with your supplied information can be provided.  Company name, website address, toll free number, job or internal inventory numbers are commonly requested.


Please review the solutions section of this website. It provides necessary information to assist with troubleshooting previous failures, oil recommendations, start-up procedures and other additional information required when installing your newly repaired hydraulics back into service.

Part drawings, overhaul manuals, installation and product specification files are available.