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Hydraulic equipment is used throughout the transportation industry, including the both the manufacture of transportation equipment as well as hydraulic systems incorporated into the finished end products.  Passenger vehicles, commercial trucks, off-road vehicles, marine vessels, and railway equipment all include numerous hydraulic components in manufacturing and in usage.  ProActive Fluid Power has the industry expertise needed to keep your hydraulic equipment working at maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


The automotive industry is one of the largest users of hydraulic equipment, which can be found in automotive press shops and body shops as well as machining and assembly operations.


Hydraulics are found throughout fishing, transportation and merchant vessels worldwide, including in propulsion, steering, stability, cargo operations, capstans, winches, cranes, and derricks.


Rail cars include hydraulics in traction and auxiliary drives, and railyards and railway maintenance of way equipment includes hydraulic components in equipment such as loaders, cranes, tie cranes, spike drivers, tie inserters/removers, and ballast regulators and tampers.