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Industrial Valves

Vickers industrial valves and systems are engineered to provide continuous reliable performance under the most rigorous and demanding operating conditions. Vickers industrial valves are at work all over the world delivering durable, reliable performance across the full spectrum of industrial applications.

Mobile Valves

Vickers mobile valves are designed to meet the special needs of equipment used in agriculture, construction, material handling, forestry, utilities, lawn and garden equipment and offer capabilities and configurations to meet the industry’s most demanding requirements.

Proportional Valves

Vickers proportional valves provide superior performance for a wide variety of applications. These valves are available with 7-pin connectors, on-board ramp adjustment, separately wired cardholders and preset integrated amplifiers that are housed in durable sealed enclosures.

In addition to improved reliability and machine performance, these proportional valves simplify system design by requiring only a power supply and voltage command signal.

They are available up to 5000 PSI and 106 US GPM.

Designed for a wide variety of applications including aerial work platforms, amusement park rides, combine controls, die casting, machine tool, marine, material handling, plastics, turbine control and wood processing.

Screw-in Cartridge Valves

Vickers is a global leader in the screw-in cartridge valve market. This product line combines the experience and technical leadership of Vickers into a single source to support mobile solutions.

Servo Valves

Vickers two-stage, four-way, flapper nozzle servo valves provide closed loop control with exact positional accuracy, repeatable velocity, and predictable force and torque regulation. Typical applications include plastic injection molding and blow molding systems, test and simulation equipment, die casting machines, hydraulic press brakes, animation and entertainment equipment, oil exploration vehicles, and lumber machinery.