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Hydraulic components and systems are used throughout the material handling industry for the movement, storage, control and protection of goods through the supply chain.  From fixed equipment such as overhead cranes, derricks, hoists, belt feeders and conveyor systems to portable equipment such as forklift trucks and hydraulic lifts, ProActive Fluid Power can help maintain and repair your hydraulic equipment to provide maximum uptime and years of trouble-free service.


Hydraulics are used throughout factory automation systems, such as machine tools, presses, cutters, CNC machines, PLM-controlled equipment, multi-arm manipulators, and many other applications.


The recycling industry makes heavy use of hydraulics in shredders, loaders, waste grinders, compactors, hooklifts, balers and shears for their ability to continuously operate and provide high torque in tough environmental conditions.


In robotic applications where high power, durability, and precise control are needed to move heavy loads with the robotic arms, hydraulics are often used in place of pneumatics or electric motors.