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Agricultural machinery is the one of the largest markets for hydraulic systems, used in field equipment for planting and harvesting crops, livestock management, irrigation, food processing, and distribution systems.  Hydraulics also play a key role in forestry and logging equipment and wood and paper production.  Let ProActive Fluid Power help keep your hydraulic equipment well-maintained and working at peak efficiency.


Virtually every piece of agricultural equipment includes multiple hydraulic systems, including combines, crop harvesters, plows, tractors, planters, seeders, mowers, hay balers, and the utility vehicles used across commercial farming operations.

Forestry & Logging

The commercial timber industry prizes hydraulics in forestry and logging equipment for its safety, energy efficiency, ease of operation, and reliability in remote locations for equipment such as feller bunchers, mulchers, stump grinders, and log splitters.

Wood & Paper

Sawmills and paper mills utilize hydraulic systems in wood processing and paper production equipment such as debarking machinery, log turners, band saws, paper milling, paper winding, hydraulic power units (HPUs), and hydraulic power packs.