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Hydraulic Motor Repair

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Hydraulic Repair

 Hydraulic Pump Repair

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Hydraulic Motor Repair Hydraulic Motor Repair Hydraulic Motor Repair Hydraulic Motor Repair



Hydraulic Motor Repair Hydraulic Motor Repair Hydraulic Motor Repair Hydraulic Motor Repair



We repair most brands of hydraulic motor lines......


Hydraulic motor repair requires a series of special skills, knowledge and equipment. Due to the increased complexity of hydraulic components on both mobile and industrial equipment, rebuilding is often more cost effective and quicker than purchasing new or OEM components. Many industrial plants and mobile equipment owners often elect to purchase rebuilt units or parts trying to avoid the dreaded "down time" or the "8 week delivery" so often heard in the most critical of times. At Pro-Active, it is the experience of our craftspeople with their hydraulic pump repair and hydraulic valve repair degrees, dedication and uncompromising desire to improve, that makes our remanufactured products the standard of quality within the hydraulic repair industry.


Over the years, there have been a number of aftermarket companies that have distributed replacement products throughout the world. Unfortunately, the products had one or another quality issue that generated a number of concerns, including warranties, appearance, fit, not to mention the products performance. Small machine shops who do not completely understand hydraulics in general, nor the processes for heat treating, material specifications, machining techniques, and finally quality control. It is the end result of the above mentioned companies that have created a doubt in the mind of customers who are concerned. Thoughts of longevity have become common place.



Hydraulic Motor RepairUnderstanding that shafts must fit the couplings with a certain fit, that they must not exceed the run out of a new shaft, or risk vibration that causes pre-mature failure, that cam rings, rotors and vane kits must be machined flat, not hand sanded, then tumbled, that bodies, pressure plates, and rings must be phosphate coated, not sand blasted and shipped as is, that piston pump and motor valve plates must have a surface hardness of 55 Rockwell or higher, that ball bearings and shaft seals must be quality, not cost cutting, that each and every unit shipped must be tested, calibrated to customer specs, and pass, is something that not every hydraulic repair company who claims they can rebuild your unit, can do.


At Pro-Active, we understand hydraulic repair. We understand that it is the small things that matter. That when a customer purchases a product, they need to feel confident that it will fit and operate the way it is supposed to. We understand that they depend on their supplier as much as the supplier depends on them. With these ideas in mind, the following information briefly explains the hydraulic repair procedures that are taken within our facilities.


The startling point, known as the "core", is a used unit  that has beenHydraulic Motor Repair replaced due to failure or wear. To assure quality, only the best cores are selected. We know that the best cores make the best units, and with our huge inventory, we can be very selective as to which cores get rebuilt and which ones don't. The selected "core" is then dismantled to its smallest component. The hydraulic repair parts are cleaned to remove contaminants that result in premature wear to seals, bearings, shafts and other precision components. The parts are then thoroughly inspected for wear, damage and heat stress. Each re-useable part is remanufactured or machined to original manufacturer tolerances. Certain internal parts will require individual hand washing. Throughout the process, the parts are continuously inspected for hidden damage and removed from the process if tolerances are not maintained. During the machining process, all tolerances are triple checked before being selected for final assembly. Hydraulic repair parts that are not recondition able, are replaced with the highest quality products available. This phase is critical as there is absolutely no room for error during assembly.


Hydraulic Motor Repair - Fire burning ovenUnlike our competitors, all non-hardened housings and bodies are put through a flame furnace, not sand blasted. This process is similar to a rotisserie oven and is utilized to prevent sand build up in ports and orifices within the unit which will cause premature wear during operation. Oil, grease, dirt, and paint is baked to ash, then removed by a super fine stainless steel shot. This process leaves nothing to chance, and creates a finish comparable to new. All flanged ports, threaded holes, and seal areas are spotlessly cleaned to prevent any problems when connecting the lines to the unit. This is one of many procedures that positions Pro-Active Fluid Power years ahead of the competition.


Hydraulic Motor Repair - Vickers 3525V Vane Pump




"Our in house testing facility, inspection standards, and close relationship with all of our suppliers results in the highest quality products available."

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NEW! Caterpillar Parts & complete Units!

Pro-Active has recently been awarded the complete master database of OEM Caterpillar part numbers with direct Vickers interchanges!

This database includes complete units and individual repair components dating back to the late 1950's.

Example: Caterpillar pump 9T1080 is also a Vickers F3 4525VQTV20 BCCA 21R vane pump made by Vickers specifically for Caterpillar.

Example: Caterpillar shaft 9J5088 is also a Vickers 413027 shaft.

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