Vickers Power Steering Pumps

Vickers Power Steering Pumps

Vickers / Sperry Vickers / Eaton / Tokimec / Double A

Minimize Cost & Downtime Simultaneously!

Vickers Power Steering Pumps


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Complete Vickers Power Steering Pumps & Repair Parts in stock dating back to the 1930's

Vickers Hydraulics - Pumps, Motors, Valves, Transmissions, HAS Drives & more !


Vickers Power Steering Pumps - Pro-Active Fluid Power offers charts with links to Vickers Overhaul Manuals, Part Drawings and Product Specification information in the form of . PDF files. It is required that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to open them. Selecting the link to the left and following the install directions will have you viewing the information in no time at all.

Note: Since there have been errors found on these drawings, ordering and receiving the incorrect parts are a possibility. Please remember that our Customer Service Reps and Technicians are always on staff to assist you when viewing them. They are extremely familiar with the current drawings and also many of the older or obsolete units, so e-mail or call us if you have any questions or would like us to provide part numbers for you.

Note: Categories with grayed in back grounds have not been completed. We are trying to update the tables as quickly as possible. Please check back frequently if you cannot select the field you need or contact our sales department at 586-465-6708.


Overhaul Manuals

Part Drawings

Product Specifications



14 Design


14 Design


12/14 Design


12/14 Design


14 Design


10 Design


10 Design



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