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Vane Failures

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Vane Side Wear:

Contamination within the fluid can produce a grinding effect between the side of the vane and the rotor itself. When the contaminant is to large or too stiff, the vane begins to loosen within the rotor slot and performance significantly suffers. Whether replacing worn vanes with new or reconditioned, always verify that vane thickness is the same from one end to the other.

Vane Side Wear

Vane Contact Wear:

Vane lips contact and follow the cam ring elliptical contour. When they are altered, cartridge output significantly drops as system pressure (work load) is increased. Contamination and aeration are possible reasons for failure. When damaged vanes are replaced. noise and heat levels are significantly reduced and overall volumetric efficiency will improve.

Vane Contact Wear

Friction Welding:

The type of wear indicated here is a result of cycled over pressure. This condition caused the film of oil lubricating the clearance between the rotor and vanes to become reduced. Complete seizure will eventually result. The rotor and vanes cannot be reconditioned and must be replaced.

Friction Welding



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