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Double A
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"Rebuilding the World One Pump at a Time"

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Double A Hydraulics - Complete Units & Repair Parts dating back to the 1930's

Stocking Pumps, Motors, Valves, Transmissions, HAS Drives & more !




  • Double A Cartridge Kits
  • Double A Shafts
  • Double A MHT Vane Motors
  • Double A Transmissions
  • Double A Piston Motors
  • Double A Valves
  • Double A Piston Pumps
  • Double A Vane Motors
  • Double A Power Steering Pumps
  • Double A Vane Pumps



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3525V Vane Pump

Check Valve

CT06 Relief Valve

PVB15 Piston Pump

2520VQT Vane Pump

CMX Valve

CMB4 Valve

PVQ40 Piston Pump

PVH Piston Pump

DG3V8 Valve

DG4V3 Valve

PVE19 Piston Pump

V2010 Vane Pump

Stack Valve

FCG06 Valve

M2-210 Vane Motor



Double A Hydraulics is one of our specialties! - Everyone at Pro-Active Fluid Power, from the engineers to the sales staff, has the experience, skill and dedication necessary to provide our customers with the finest New & Remanufactured hydraulics in the World. Our on staff engineers and technicians ensure that every complete unit or repair part is identified, evaluated, reconditioned and shipped correctly with the highest quality possible. Our skilled mechanics take pride when assembling quality parts into every product guaranteeing complete satisfaction. Pro-Active's trained technicians fully test assembled units to assure that they are properly operating as per specifications before being returned to the customer. Finally, our capable staff utilizes its extensive knowledge of the hydraulics industry to ensure that customers receive the correct products for their specific applications. All reconditioned units are warranted beyond that of the original manufactures new products providing peace of mind for you or your customer.


A complete line of Rebuilding Tools & Custom built Fixtures are now available to assist the re-assembly of your units!


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